In my special topics class we were introduced to designing and engineering physical prototypes. For my project, I wanted to make a wearable technology that would interact with sound in it's environment since music is a big part of my life. Therefore, I decided to create a hat for this purpose.

My Process

I cut a NeoPixel strip into three pieces and sewn onto the hat and connected to the FLORA by soldering wires together. The FLORA board was then connected to a mic amplifier also by soldering wires. A small hole was cut at the side of the hat, which the mic amplifier was stuck through and sewn together. Using the mic amplifier, the intensity of the sound levels in the surrounding environment could be detected. Using this, the amount of lights that lit up would fluctuate as well as change colors. A lithium polymer battery was attached to the FLORA to provide portability of the hat.


Arduino FLORA
Mic Amplifier
NeoPixel Strip
Battery and Charger
Soldering Iron
Sewing Kit